Ocean Galaxy Light™ started as a passion project after a team of stage & theater lighting designers began noticing concert crowds absolutely love a high powered 'galaxy laser' that was used during shows and events. The team quickly realized that this effect could be remade for at-home-use using similar laser technology and micro scale design.


With over a decade of experience in stage, theater, and performance lighting, our projectors are uniquely designed to create an amazing ambience in any sized room or setting. Our experience led to the creation of the amazing Ocean Galaxy Light™, a one of one durable and powerful yet portable galaxy projector that could be used both in indoor and outdoor settings.


After serving over 20,000 of our lovely customers and taking action on all feedback, we continue to develop more and more amazing products through the support of our amazing community.


The Ocean Galaxy Light™ uses revolutionary LED laser technology to create a breath-taking visual effect wherever you desire. Your happiness is our mission, and if you've spent your valuable time reading this far, please use "AboutUs10" for a discount at checkout. (: